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As many of our pupils have difficulties in mobility and movement, we understand that comfort in clothing is very important. Pupils may prefer to wear a uniform as it helps them to understand that they are going to school and also gives them a sense of belonging to a school community. Some pupils may also have difficulties wearing certain materials or types of clothing, due to their sensory needs.

With this in mind, we would like to support parents/carers choice in whether their child wears a uniform to school.

Although we don’t insist on a uniform, we would like to encourage our pupils to wear the following:

School Uniform List 

  • Skirt/trousers in black or dark grey
  • White polo shirt 
  • Blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Black shoes or black trainers 

Pupils in Post 16 (Years 12, 13 and 14) are not expected to wear a uniform.