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Welcome to the Educare/Intervener Team

Educare Team

Our dedicated Educare team is a group of staff who have a passion for promoting our children’s welfare.  They play a vital role in looking after the personal care of our pupils, whilst building the child’s confidence in their environment, school and the staff around them.  There is laughter, singing, rhymes and stories being told throughout the time they share with the children, who clearly love spending that precious time with the team. For the older children, music is played in the bathrooms – giving their time out of the learning environment a relaxed, age-appropriate feel.  The Educare Team have a vital role within the classroom as well, where they look after the pupils over the lunchtime period. They play such an important role in helping to develop the pupils’ social skills and support their readiness for learning.

Intervener Team

Our Medical Interveners are a team of highly trained staff who work with all of our pupils managing the gastric feeding, medications and general welfare of our pupils.  They work closely with the nursing team at Penny Field and have a very important role to play within the school.  They are all very committed to this role and have constant training throughout the school year to ensure they are always up to date with the latest practices, and do what is best for the children.  As they spend a lot of time in the classrooms, the children always feel confident and comfortable around them, with a strong bond of trust running between the pupils and the team.

Julia Langton, who is our Lead Educarer, leading both teams. Please contact the school if you would like to speak to Julie.