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Raindrops Class

Raindrops Class is a mixed EYFS/KS1 class catering for pupils ranging from ages 2 to 7. The class currently has 9 pupils. In our class, we follow both the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum and the Engagement Pathway depending on the age and needs of the individual pupil. For the younger pupils who will be moving on to the Working Towards Independence (WTI) Curriculum, we work closely with Rainbow Class allowing for pupils to access focused Phonics and/or Numeracy Lessons, preparing them for their transition into the older classes. 

In Raindrops, we use a combination of focused group lessons, 1:1 sessions and free-flow play to meet outcomes for pupils in a fun and dynamic way. All pupils have Key Workers within the class who work closely with them to maximise learning outcomes. 

Our classroom has access to its own separate playground enabling us to access outside learning on a daily basis. 

Becky Burrell

Class Teacher

What we’ve been doing 

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