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Safeguarding and Child Protection at the Penny Field School

Penny Field School is committed to safeguarding all our pupils in line with our statutory duties, roles and responsibilities under Section 175 Education Act (2002), the Children Act (1989) and Section 42-46 of the Care Act (2014) in ensuring each and every learner is protected and safeguarded against potential harm and abuse.

All staff are trained in Child Protection and undergo rigorous checks to ensure that they have clearance to work with children. We have clear procedures in place to report any concerns. We also teach our learners to keep themselves safe, both within the school grounds and in the wider world. We work closely with parents and health professionals to ensure that there is clarity and understanding of our procedures in relation to child protection.

We have three Designated Safeguarding Leads, who have overall responsibility for Safeguarding and Child Protection at Penny Field School.

  • Designated Lead Supervisor: Hannah Duffey, Headteacher
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead: Kathryn Smith, Assistant Headteacher
  • Deputy Lead Supervisor: Kath Burrell, Pastoral Manager

If you have a concern please call us on the main school number (0113 8314222) and ask to speak to Hannah, Kathryn or Kath.

Please find below the Penny Field School Safeguarding Policy and some further information relating to keeping children safe.