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Red Fire Class

Red Fire is an exciting class of pupils aged between seven and thirteen. Our pupils have complex medical needs and require regular postural management and care throughout the school day. We have two mobile pupils and eight wheelchair users, some of which have visual and hearing impairments and/or other medical conditions such as epilepsy. 

In support of their physical needs, pupils have ongoing physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rebound therapy programs to promote and maintain their flexibility and range of movement.

Learning and development in our class follows the Engagement Pathway, which consists of a wide variety of sensory activities and lessons, each with a focus on individual development towards increased independence.

Our focus in Red Fire is to facilitate a calm, relaxing, working environment; providing comfort and positivity wherever possible. We celebrate our pupils’ abilities and actively encourage independent thinking, movement and communication throughout the school day.
We promote and celebrate our successes and enjoy growing together.

Ryan Higson

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