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Rainbow Class

Rainbow Class is made up of seven pupils, aged between five and nine. Our current class includes pupils from lower KS1 to lower KS2. Our pupils have a range of complex medical needs, such as Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Chromosome Duplications and rare genetic disorders. In addition, a number of pupils also have sensory impairments such as visual and hearing. 

Our class is made up of pupils who are mobile and pupils who use wheelchairs to assist with support and posture, prolonged periods of standing and/or access to learning. We support and develop the physical needs of our pupils through supported standing, following personalised physio programmes, as well as access to Hydrotherapy and Rebound sessions weekly. 

We follow the Working Towards Independence (WTI) Pathway at Penny Field School. For our pupils, this means accessing a semi-formal curriculum that consists of structured, multi-sensory and personalised Phonics and Maths sessions daily. In an afternoon, we engage in activities that meet our pupils’ physical and sensory needs such as Tac Pac, Hydrotherapy, Rebound, Art and Music. The aim of this curriculum is to promote independence, whilst providing opportunities to challenge and push boundaries in all areas of their learning. For example, there is a great focus on developing our Communication and Interaction skills that equip our pupils for life outside of, and after, Penny Field School.

They say that at the end of a rainbow, you find a pot of gold. Rainbow Class currently has seven!

Elly Hutchinson

Class Teacher

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