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Puddles Class

Puddles class is known as the Nurture Group. It was felt necessary within school to create a calm and quiet environment for those pupils with the most complex medical needs and life-limiting conditions. We have pupils ranging from KS1 up to KS3.

Within the class there is a wide range of needs. All pupils have severe learning, physical difficulties and complex medical needs with some level of visual impairment. In support of their physical needs, pupils have ongoing physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rebound therapy programs to maintain their flexibility and range of movement.

We follow the Engagement Pathway and have adapted parts of the timetable to focus on nurture & therapy-based sessions in order to meet the needs of our pupils. We celebrate all pupil achievement and endeavour to create a positive learning environment in which our pupils are stimulated and encouraged to engage in learning and thrive! 

Ryan Burke

What we’ve been doing 

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